BMW GS1200 Poor tickover, rough idle

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BMW GS1200 Poor tickover, rough idle

BMW GS1200 Poor tickover, rough idle

My GS 1200 has suffered very rough tickover for months now. The idling was so poor, it always felt as if the motor would stall. It was fine running normally, the problem was only at idle. This morning I reset the T.P.S (Throttle Position Sensor) and it cured the problem. Thinking back, the problem started after I had a completely flat battery which probably lost the E.C.U. settings.

How to reset the T.P.S.

It's really simple.

  • Turn the ignition off
  • Turn the ignition on
  • Wait for initialisation sequence to complete - about 5 seconds
  • Turn the throttle to full throttle (fully open)
  • Shut the throttle (fully closed)
  • Repeat 3 times in all
  • Switch the ignition off to save the settings to the E.C.U. (Engine Control Unit)

You should complete this procedure every time you disconnect the batter or suffer a completely flat battery.

  • Here's a short YouTube video I made to show how it's done.