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Fed up with iTunes bloatware - need a replacement MP3 player?

I am a loyal Apple user who urgently needs to find a replacement for iTunes.

I have an iMac with a Fusion drive running OSX Leopard and when I play iTunes with no other application running, I get 02 seconds skips every 30 seconds or so. this has been so frustrating as I listen to music constantly. Other than running a separate Windows box just to stream my audio, I have no other choice that to ditch iTunes on my iMac. SInce iTunes 10 it seems to have become an ugly unwieldy piece of bloatware with application I don't need so I've been looking around for a reliable alternative.

I found Ecoute, a free download MP3 player for Mac OSX which certainly seem to do the job I want, which is to play music!

Give it a try and let me know what you think.