Mister Auto - Delays and awful service

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Mister Auto - Delays and awful service

Mr Auto - what a mess!

Hopefully this can be a warning to others and prevent them from what seems to be consistently poor service, delays, wrongly supplied parts - you get the idea.

Every single time I've used this company there has been a problem. Most times the phone number given on the website does not answer. If you complete a support request via their website, every response takes 24 hours to elicit a response, if you're lucky.

There always seem to be delivery delays, it seems that parts are despatched from Belgium. When parts have arrived they've been incorrect and I've not been able to contact anyone to resolve the problems. When the phone did eventually answer, it seemed to be an Indian call centre, who were reading from scripts. GoogleBanner></GoogleBanner> Unfortunately, by the time you read this, it's already too late. If you are still undecided as to using them, do a bit of Googling first. In fairness, there are some reasonable reviews but that's because people had no problem with the order. When it all goes wrong is when you need a responsive and helpful customer service department.

To give you a taste, here are a few of the bad reviews from www.sitejabber.com

What ever you do, DO NOT BUY CAR PARTS FROM MISTER AUTO. Pay the extra few quid and get your parts from a reputable UK based company. I wish I had paid more attention to the negative reviews all over the net concerning Mr auto.
Customer service is nothing short of a joke, they really don't care.
Awful Service
Do not use this supplier.
Do not be tempted by the good prices the service is terrible.
They promise delivery within 3 days. Advised desptach on a friday, but did not despatch until the Monday. Took 3 days to process the order, then sent it on slow courier from Belgium. I don't have a problem ordering goods from another...
Rèmi Saby's Mister-Auto is a weak copy of Ryan Air. As long as there is no problems, they are perfect BUT if any problem occur, Mister-Auto is 100% disaster.

You will face mistreatments, high costs and severe delays.

If you are willing to risk, then do shop at Mister-Auto, if not, turn to other supplier. The money you save..

You have been warned!