Thompson Holidays Flight Seating Scam

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Oh dear. Someone at Thomson Holidays has dreamed up a PPI type scam to get that little extra bit of cash from its customers

Thompson Holidays Flight Seating Scam

I've recently discovered a rather nasty flight ticket scam executed by Thomson Airways. A little like PPI; it's probably some executive's bright idea to extract a little extra cash from each client. Here's what they do.

We went to Hotel Playa Santandria, Cala Santandria, Menorca with Thomson Holidays in 2014 and thoroughly enjoyed it. Being 'old gits' and not liking change, we thought we would go back to the same hotel again this year, booking through Thomson Holidays once again.

'Checking In' online, the week before we were due to travel, we discover that our aircraft seating plans were rather odd. Instead of sitting next to each other, as we have every time I have ever booked a flight, we were seated randomly, not next to each other, not even in the same row.

We are not alone!

Want to sit together? - That'll be £20 per person, card number please

Telephoning Thomson Holidays in order to change the flight seating, we were told that it would cost us an extra £40 in order for us to change the seating arrangements so we could sit together.

Being somewhat annoyed, I posted a mini rant on Facebook. Being Mr Grumpy and not having many friends, and even less Facebook friends, I was staggered to see a response from one of my 50 friends saying "They got us with that! We were so cross". It then dawned on me that Thomson Airways must be deliberately seating clients in random positions so they can extract extra cash by re-arranging the seating location to what passengers obviously want when they book a flight, namely to sit together.

Lets hope this bites Thomson in the arse. It's as low as the PPI trick. Let's hope it is dealt with as severely once it the travelling public is made aware of this nasty trick.

We are due to take this holiday, I shall take the opportunity to ask other passengers from the same flight and see if this scam has been carried out on them too.

I shall report back.

Do let me know if this has happened to you with any other travel agents.