What did my website look like 5 years ago

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See what your website used to look like previously

439 billion web pages saved over time

The Internet Archive Wayback Machine is a fantastic, not-for-profit resource that has been around since 1996. The site regularly spiders the web collecting and chronologically saving pages from websites around the world in its massive archive. Its archive currently contains 439 billion web pages (usually including images). That's a lot of websites. When the site is displayed, where possible it is a working site at that window in time. When a site is shown on The Internet Archive Wayback Machine, a calandar shows dates that the website snapshots were taken and the blue circle links take you to a version of that site, on that day in history.

It is useful as a historical resource to see what a certain website looked like over time. The site's robot.txt file has to allow crawling or The Internet Archive Wayback Machine will not be able to collect the necessary data.

BBC.co.uk home page on 28th April 1997
Showing historic dates when the snapshots the BBC website were taken in 1997
the actual link - try it!

View previous versions of your websites to see why the CTR dropped

For me, The Internet Archive Wayback Machine is a brilliant tool to see what my websites looked on a date in the past. If I am trying to find why my Google AdSense Click Through Rate [CTR] dropped suddenly, I look at what the website was like during a time when the CTR was really good and compare it to when the CTR fell off the cliff. A very simple solution to a complex problem!

Who was involved in the creation of the Internet Archive Wayback Machine?

"The original idea for the Internet Archive Wayback Machine began in 1996, when the Internet Archive first began archiving the web. Now, five years later, with over 100 terabytes and a dozen web crawls completed, the Internet Archive has made the Internet Archive Wayback Machine available to the public. The Internet Archive has relied on donations of web crawls, technology, and expertise from Alexa Internet and others. The Internet Archive Wayback Machine is owned and operated by the Internet Archive."

How large is the Wayback Machine?

As of July 1, 2015 the Internet Archive Wayback Machine contains 23 petabytes of data and is currently growing at a rate of 50-60 terabytes per week. This eclipses the amount of text contained in the world's largest libraries, including the Library of Congress.