Amazon Basics Thermal Laminator Jamming up

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Amazon Basics Thermal Laminator Jamming up

Amazon Basics Thermal Laminator Jamming up

My Amazon Basics A3 Thermal Laminator worked fine for a while, then began to swallow the plastic sheets and jam up. The laminated film went into the laminator but never came out of the other side. It ended up all scrunched up and had to be pulled back out buy using the release lever.

It was not expensive, but really annoying that it was broken so soon. I dismantled it to see if I could find what the problem was. While testing it I discovered if I set it to the 125 mic. setting the laminate sheet would get too hot and wrinkle. This was the cause of the laminator jamming.


Ensure the laminator is set to 80 mic. then the laminate sheets don't buckle and wrinkle. You only need to set it to 125 mic. for thicker laminate.

I can now laminate paper to my heart's content, without worrying about paper jams.

Ensure the Amazon laminator is only set to 80 mic


  • ASIN B00D448IIK
  • Amazon's own model laminator A4 and A3