BBC iPlayer - No download link

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BBC iPlayer - No download link

Epic fail Beeb. Having had success with the newly revamped iPlayer download system, I thought I would watch the Hungarian Grand Prix as a download, about 2 hours after the program ended. No chance. There were no download links anywhere and clicking the Watch Now button just made the button flash. No program to watch or download and even worse, no apology.

I guess the reason is the number of people attempting to do the same as me. Pretty poor show.

What made it even worse was in my attempt to find another way to the race recording, I clicked the BBC formula one link, which gleefully gave me the result of the race before I had even seen it.

Another grip while I'm in grumpasaurus mode, sort your useless BBC news website out. It is so unusable since it has been improved that I now use Reuters instead.

I do hope when the government has its long-awaited shake-up with you, BBC, it makes your teeth rattle!