Can you connect a Playstation 4 to a non-HDMI tv or non HDMI monitor

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Sony Playstation 4 ONLY supports HDMI

Will the Sony Playstation 4 (PS4) Support RGB or Composite Video. No!

Oh dear Sony, what a fail.

The Playstation 4 will only connect to a television (tv) or monitor with an HDMI port. It does not output RGB or Composite Video via the PS4 HDMI port.

It does have a Digital Output Optical Port, however as it has no independent audio output sockets, you will still need to use HDMI to get sound.

The PS4 does not output Composite Video (YPBPR) or RGB output via the HDMI output port. I've tried.

If you have a perfectly good plasma or Led flatscreen TV without HDMI, you will need to buy a new TV to use your Playstation 4 :-(

The bad news, directly from Sony's support pages

You can read the bad news yourself from The bad news, directly from Sony's support pages

Converter: HDMI to RGB, Component video

I have tried an HDMI to RGB, component video converter, without any success. I could only get a monochrome picture with this and very low sound output. Not recommended.