Canon EOS Utility Will Not Open using Windows 10

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Canon EOS Utility Will Not Open using Windows 10

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Canon EOS Utility Will Not Open using Windows 10

I had been using Canon's EOS Utility 2 and Canon EOS Utility 3 on my Windows 10 PC, then one day it just stopped working. When opening the program by it would show the start screen and never get any further. This problem was the same with EOS Utility 2 or 3. I tried reinstalling the program, completely deleting all of the Canon utilities, downloading and reinstalling the latest version from the Canon website. Still the same; EOS Utility locked up and would not allow me to download my photos or operate my Canon EOS 80 camera remotely.

I contacted Canon's Technical Support Department who just suggested that I reinstall the software - which I had already done with no sucess - DOH!

Eventually my problem was escalated to a Canon Support Engineer, who provided the solution. For the benefit of others who may be having the same problems, this is what Canon eventually suggested. It seems that even if you completely remove the Canon Utility App, your corrupted user setting are left behind. This is how Canon suggest that you remove them:

How to remove corrupted EOS Utility User Settings

Thank you for contacting Canon.

Your query has been escalated to us at higher level helpdesk. 

If you can please try below steps and check if it resolves the issue;

On your Windows PC, please go in to your Windows Settings (click on the Windows flag icon on the bottom left screen to access windows settings) -> Click on Network and Internet and check your Wi-Fi network status whether it is set to public network or private network. If it is set to public, go to Change connection properties and change the location of your network to private network from the left pane. 

Now please ensure none of the Canon application is running in the back ground, go in to your Windows Task Manager (press CTRL+ALT+DELETE, then click on More Details) and End Task on any Canon application including Canon DPP, now right click on the Windows Flag icon on the bottom left on your PC, click on RUN, then type is C:\ProgramData in the dialogue box, on the new window, please delete Canon_Inc_IC folder.

Now go in to your PC’s File Explorer/Windows Explorer -> C: drive -> Users -> your username- > (show hidden folders – you can click on view tab and select show hidden items) AppData -> Local -> CANON_INC -> delete all the folders inside CANON_INC, restart your PC and check if you able to launch EOS Utility application.

This solved my problem - I hope this has been useful to you!