Copy text to clipboard using Javascript (Chrome)

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Copy text to clipboard using Javascript (Chrome)

For an application that I only use internally, I needed to be able to copy text (created programmatically) into the clipboard that I would them paste into another application.

Stack Overflow is full of articles purporting to be able to do, most of them howling about security, none of them worked using a current Chrome browser.

This works with Chrome Version 43.0.2357.81 (64-bit)

I am aware of the security implications but I trust myself not to attempt misuse. :-)

In my application the HTML / Javascript is dynamically created using perl.

I give you the code and leave it to you to worry about the security implications of using this on a public site - Googleing Stack Overflow will give you plent of reading.

Here's the code

				<a href="#" onclick="executeCopy();">Click to copy</a>
						function executeCopy(text) {
								var input = document.createElement('textarea');
								input.value = ('Place text to be copied in here');