Faulty Omron m10-IT blood pressure monitor

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Omron m10-IT blood pressure monitor

The Omoron M10-IT blood pressure monitor is a fantastic piece of kit, I've had one for 6 months and use it every day to self-monitor my blood pressure in an attempt to resolve my resistant hypertension.

I has some very nice features that have been missing on many of the blood pressure monitors I have used.

  • The display shows the most recent measurement taken for many minutes after the blood pressure has been taken
    • Many monitors blank the display 15 seconds after a measurement has been taken - uselass
  • It takes the 3 readings, each after a preset delay of 15 seconds to 2 minutes and then gives you an average of those reading
  • It shows an average of all the recent daytime and evening reading.
  • It runs on batteries or a standard mains adaptor.
  • it can be configured for up to 2 users, and will independently save readings for each user.

Under inflation error codes

The Omron m10-IT blood pressure monitor does suffer one fault, which is probably a design flaw. I had to send my first one back for replacement and discovered what was causing the fault when the replacement unit had the same problem.

  • Error code E0
  • Error code E1
  • Error code E2
  • Error code E3
  • Error code E4
  • Error code E5
  • Error code E6

  • Error code E7
  • Error code E8
  • Error code E9
  • Error code E10
  • Error code E11
  • Error code E12
  • Error code E13
  • Error code E14
  • Error code E15

All of the above error codes will show if the cuff fails to inflate within a given time; the number of seconds denoted by the figure after the E [eg: E10 - the cuff has not inflated properly after 10 seconds]

The solution is to ensure that the cuff is fitted tightly to your arm in the first place.

Another quick fix is to grip the cuff lightly with your other hand until it starts to properly inflate.

The ideal solution to this problem would be for Omorn to increase the cuff inflation time-out period to a sensible time.

This is still very good blood pressure monitor

Don't be put off by this. It is still a great tool and their customer service department was very helpful when I contacted them, though if they could have suggested this fix, I would not have had to return a perfectly good unit.