Ford Fiesta spills water on my feet when air conditioning is running

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Leaking air conditioning Ford road car (all makes)

The pipe is located in this area

Problem: water leaks into driver and passenger foot well when air-conditioning is running

A common problem with our Ford Fiesta and a problem I have seen on many vehicles fitted with air-conditioning over the years.

Reason for Air conditioning leak

All air-conditioning systems use a condenser to convert the moisture (humidity) in the air back to water which is then expelled under the car onto the road. In most Ford models, the waste water is expelled into a 'drip-tray' between the driver and passenger foot-wells. This drip-tray has a drain hole / stub at the bottom, connected to a pipe which is routed through the floor of the vehicle in order for the waste water to be discharged onto the road.

The pipe pulled off the drain stub click image to see detail

The road end of the pipe becomes blocked with mud and dirt causing the drip -tray to fill with water, which in turn spills onto the driver's feet or the passengers feet as the vehicle corners.

The solution

Remove the pipe and blow it clear using a garage tyre inflating air-line.

The pipe pulled showing the compression fitting

You should be able to locate the pipe with a torch. On the Ford Fiesta, the pipe is held onto the drain stub using a compression clip which can be released by compressing either side of the clip with a large pair of pliers. other vehicles may use different fixing methods.

Similar fault on other makes of vehicle

The solution to this problem is likely to be similar for other vehicle marques, though the location and fitment of the waste-pipe may be different, but armed with htis knowledge you should be able to solve this problem.