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I was given some FLAC files that I wanted to convert to MP3 and put on my iPod and my iPhone but Apple does not support FLAC format music files so I needed a utility to convert the FLAC files to MP3, and I wanted it free or open source as I only had a few tracks to convert.

What I found was All2MP3 a free utility that is written for Mac OS and only runs on Mac OS. It is beautifully simple and works quickly and efficiently on 264 different formats of audio and video files.

How to extract .MP3 audio from all formats of audio and video files

  1. Download the FREE MP3 converter utility program from:
  2. Follow the simple installation instructions
  3. Run All2MP3
  4. Drag the files to be converted into the All2MP3 window or browse to select them
  5. from the next screen
    1. Choose the path for the converted files
    2. Select the conversion quality
    3. Select to delete the original files if you wish
    4. Click Convert

That's it!

If you feed like being generous you can donate to the program author Ruben Rodriguez via PayPal

drag your files into the conversion window
Select your desired options and click convert

Supported conversion formats

 D..... = Decoding supported
 .E.... = Encoding supported
 ..V... = Video codec
 ..A... = Audio codec
 ..S... = Subtitle codec
 ...S.. = Supports draw_horiz_band
 ....D. = Supports direct rendering method 1
 .....T = Supports weird frame truncation
 D V D  4xm             
 D V D  8bps            
 D A    8svx_exp        
 D A    8svx_fib        
 D V D  FRWU            
 DEA    aac             
 D V D  aasc            
 DEA    ac3             
 D A    adpcm_4xm       
 DEA    adpcm_adx       
 D A    adpcm_ct        
 D A    adpcm_ea        
 D A    adpcm_ea_maxis_xa 
 D A    adpcm_ea_r1     
 D A    adpcm_ea_r2     
 D A    adpcm_ea_r3     
 D A    adpcm_ea_xas    
 D A    adpcm_ima_amv   
 D A    adpcm_ima_dk3   
 D A    adpcm_ima_dk4   
 D A    adpcm_ima_ea_eacs 
 D A    adpcm_ima_ea_sead 
 D A    adpcm_ima_iss   
 DEA    adpcm_ima_qt    
 D A    adpcm_ima_smjpeg 
 DEA    adpcm_ima_wav   
 D A    adpcm_ima_ws    
 DEA    adpcm_ms        
 D A    adpcm_sbpro_2   
 D A    adpcm_sbpro_3   
 D A    adpcm_sbpro_4   
 DEA    adpcm_swf       
 D A    adpcm_thp       
 D A    adpcm_xa        
 DEA    adpcm_yamaha    
 DEA    alac            
 D A    als             
 D A    amrnb           
 D V D  amv             
 D V D  anm             
 D A    ape             
 DEV D  asv1            
 DEV D  asv2            
 D A    atrac1          
 D V D  aura            
 D V D  aura2           
 D V D  avs             
 D V D  bethsoftvid     
 D V D  bfi             
 D A    binkaudio_dct   
 D A    binkaudio_rdft  
 D V    binkvideo       
 DEV D  bmp             
 D V D  c93             
 D V D  camstudio       
 D V D  camtasia        
 D V D  cavs            
 D V D  cdgraphics      
 D V D  cinepak         
 D V D  cljr            
 D A    cook            
 D V D  cyuv            
 D A    dca             
 DEV D  dnxhd           
 D V    dpx             
 D A    dsicinaudio     
 D V D  dsicinvideo     
 DES    dvbsub          
 DES    dvdsub          
 DEV D  dvvideo         
 D V D  dxa             
 D A    eac3            
 D V D  eacmv           
 D V D  eamad           
 D V D  eatgq           
 D V    eatgv           
 D V D  eatqi           
 D V D  escape124       
 DEV D  ffv1            
 DEVSD  ffvhuff         
 DEA    flac            
 DEV D  flashsv         
 D V D  flic            
 DEVSD  flv             
 D V D  fraps           
 DEA    g726            
 DEV D  gif             
 DEV D  h261            
 DEVSDT h263            
 D VSD  h263i           
  EV    h263p           
 D V D  h264            
 DEVSD  huffyuv         
 D V D  idcinvideo      
 D V D  iff_byterun1    
 D V D  iff_ilbm        
 D A    imc             
 D V D  indeo2          
 D V D  indeo3          
 D V    indeo5          
 D A    interplay_dpcm  
 D V D  interplayvideo  
 DEV D  jpegls          
 D V D  kmvc            
  EA    libmp3lame      
  EV    ljpeg           
 D V D  loco            
 D A    mace3           
 D A    mace6           
 D V D  mdec            
 D V D  mimic           
 DEV D  mjpeg           
 D V D  mjpegb          
 D A    mlp             
 D V D  mmvideo         
 D V D  motionpixels    
 D A    mp1             
 DEA    mp2             
 D A    mp3             
 D A    mp3adu          
 D A    mp3on4          
 D A    mpc7            
 D A    mpc8            
 DEVSDT mpeg1video      
 DEVSDT mpeg2video      
 DEVSDT mpeg4           
 D VSDT mpegvideo       
 D VSDT mpegvideo_xvmc  
 DEVSD  msmpeg4         
 DEVSD  msmpeg4v1       
 DEVSD  msmpeg4v2       
 D V D  msrle           
 D V D  msvideo1        
 D V D  mszh            
 DEA    nellymoser      
 D V D  nuv             
 DEV D  pam             
 DEV D  pbm             
 DEA    pcm_alaw        
 D A    pcm_bluray      
 D A    pcm_dvd         
 DEA    pcm_f32be       
 DEA    pcm_f32le       
 DEA    pcm_f64be       
 DEA    pcm_f64le       
 DEA    pcm_mulaw       
 DEA    pcm_s16be       
 DEA    pcm_s16le       
 D A    pcm_s16le_planar 
 DEA    pcm_s24be       
 DEA    pcm_s24daud     
 DEA    pcm_s24le       
 DEA    pcm_s32be       
 DEA    pcm_s32le       
 DEA    pcm_s8          
 DEA    pcm_u16be       
 DEA    pcm_u16le       
 DEA    pcm_u24be       
 DEA    pcm_u24le       
 DEA    pcm_u32be       
 DEA    pcm_u32le       
 DEA    pcm_u8          
 DEA    pcm_zork        
 DEV D  pcx             
 DEV D  pgm             
 DEV D  pgmyuv          
 D S    pgssub          
 DEV D  png             
 DEV D  ppm             
 D V D  ptx             
 D A    qcelp           
 D A    qdm2            
 D V D  qdraw           
 D V D  qpeg            
 DEV D  qtrle           
 D V D  r210            
 DEV    rawvideo        
 D A    real_144        
 D A    real_288        
 D V D  rl2             
 DEA    roq_dpcm        
 DEV D  roqvideo        
 D V D  rpza            
 DEV D  rv10            
 DEV D  rv20            
 D V D  rv30            
 D V D  rv40            
 DEV    sgi             
 D A    shorten         
 D A    sipr            
 D A    smackaud        
 D V D  smackvid        
 D V D  smc             
 DEV D  snow            
 D A    sol_dpcm        
 DEA    sonic           
  EA    sonicls         
 D V D  sp5x            
 D V D  sunrast         
 DEV D  svq1            
 D VSD  svq3            
 DEV D  targa           
 D VSD  theora          
 D V D  thp             
 D V D  tiertexseqvideo 
 DEV D  tiff            
 D V D  tmv             
 D A    truehd          
 D V D  truemotion1     
 D V D  truemotion2     
 D A    truespeech      
 D A    tta             
 D A    twinvq          
 D V D  txd             
 D V D  ultimotion      
 DEV D  v210            
 D V D  v210x           
 D V    vb              
 D V D  vc1             
 D V D  vcr1            
 D A    vmdaudio        
 D V D  vmdvideo        
 D V D  vmnc            
 DEA    vorbis          
 D VSD  vp3             
 D V D  vp5             
 D V D  vp6             
 D V D  vp6a            
 D V D  vp6f            
 D V D  vqavideo        
 D A    wavpack         
 D A    wmapro          
 DEA    wmav1           
 DEA    wmav2           
 D A    wmavoice        
 DEVSD  wmv1            
 DEVSD  wmv2            
 D V D  wmv3            
 D V D  wnv1            
 D A    ws_snd1         
 D A    xan_dpcm        
 D V D  xan_wc3         
 D V D  xl              
 DES    xsub            
 DEV D  zlib            
 DEV D  zmbv            

Note, the names of encoders and decoders do not always match, so there are
several cases where the above table shows encoder only or decoder only entries
even though both encoding and decoding are supported. For example, the h263
decoder corresponds to the h263 and h263p encoders, for file formats it is even

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