From DSLR camera with video to a proper video camera

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From DSLR camera with video to a proper video camera

A usable 100/400mm image stabalised video camera!
It has a lovely balanced feel with the EFS 17/55mm lens
Side view, showing baseplate and LDC cover adjustments
The eyepiece lifts up to enable direct viewing of the LCD panel
Eyepiece, mounting plate, carrying strap included
Showing rubber gasket and LCD cover adjustment wheels
The lens is reversible for left or right hand side viewing and twists to accommodate 3" or 3,2" LCD screens

I bought a Canon EOS80D with the main purpose of using it as a video camera. I have been absolutely delighted with the camera when used for photographs. The disappointment set in when trying to use it as a video camera.

The limitation is immediately obvious. Using a DSLR you normally view the image through the viewfinder via the mirror - which momentarily lifts up while the photo is being taken. When in video mode, the mirror has to be permanently in the up position so the image can fall on the sensor. This means you can never view your subject through the viewfinder.

I wanted to film military aircraft in flight, in bright sunlight. Apart from having to hold the camera in an unnatural manner to view the LCD display, as though holding a diseased animal, the display is nigh impossible to see and tracking a moving target like a plane or a bird was not the least bit intuitive and the results were hopeless. Not one single video was usable. It got to such a stage that I was considering buying a dedicated video camera. But hang-on - I've got a video enabled 20 megapixel DSLR camera, an image stabilised 100mm / 400mm 4.5 Image Stabalised lens, and I'm thinking about buying a separate video camera.

There must be a better way?

There is, and it comes in the shape of an eyepiece that fits over the LCD screen at the rear of the camera. The snappily named TARION TR-V2 Universal LCD Display View Finder for 3.0" 3.2" Screen DSLR Mirrorless Cameras Canon Nikon Sony

The adaptor is manufactured to a very high quality that will not look out of place next to your Canon/Sony/Panasonic/Nikon, etc. There is enough adjustment to ensure it fits perfectly over your LCD display whatever make of camera. There is a rubber gasket to ensure it won;t scratch your display. There might be an issue with some models as the frame could possibly obscure function buttons, but it's fine on the Canon 80D.

The eyepiece rotates to accommodate 3" or 3.2" LCD displays and the assembly prevents any sunlight so you get an extremely bright view of the camera settings and your subject.

I think this is a superb piece fo kit that has transformed my unusable video function into a video camera of the highest quality - and it's completely intuitive to use.

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This is a completely independant review. I have nothing to do with Tarion or Amazon and I receive no commision from anyone. I put this page up because I was so impressed with this device.

A few videos I've now taken with this device

They are not brilliant, but they would have been impossible in bright sunlight using just the normal camera viewfinder.

KC10A Extender Landing @ Mildenhall [A10 Tabor flight support] [HD]

KC10A Landing Runway 29 80-0034 Clean 91 refuller supporting 12 Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt 2 jets flight Tabor from Bangor to Mildenhall 15th July 2017

A-10 Tabor 41-46 Landing Mildenhall Runway 29 [HD]

6 of the 12 Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt 2 jets landing runway 29, Mildenhall 15th July 2017 Tabor 41-46 (Serials landing order: 80-188, 78-616, 78-621, 78-644, 78-646, 79-189)

White Nato AWACS touch'n go landing Mildenhall [HD]

The beautiful white Nato AWACS doing a smoky touch and go. Nato AWACS LX N90454 Boeing E 3A Sentry 707 320B

KC 135R Stratotanker 61-0267 Touch'n go [HD

Boeing KC135 Extender (Refueller) doing options landing on Mildenhall's runway 29 showing probe-and-drogue system in detail