Guerrilla gardening, Slade Green, Bexley

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Guerrilla gardening, Slade Green, Bexley

Lilys, Holly, St John's Wort, Foxgloves, Yucca & unseen bamboo. We've planted them all!

Bexley Council are now so hopeless at environmental services they don't even clean the streets or empty roadside rubbish bins anymore. As far as gardening public spaces, not a chance.

Next to our house is a piece of public land that has been left to wilderness by Bexley Council or its subcontractors. It is just a repository for the litter that is no longer collected.

In order to improve our local environment I thought I would plant a few bushes and shrubs and also sow some interesting seeds. I don't have mush spare cash so everything had to be done with economy in mind.

This is where we've just planted all of the seeds

Free seeds from our spice cupboard

I do lots of cooking and buy all my spices wholesale from Indian supermarkets. To give you come idea of the quantity they come in, our coriander seed bag is larger than a big bag of flour. I've selected culinary plants not for consumption but because they have attractive flowers or foliage:

  • Poppy
  • Nigella [Love-in-the-mist]
  • Fennel

They have just been broadcast over the bare soil. Probably a little to late in the year, but some may take.

Watch this space!

These all came from my spice cupboard - Almost free!