Home made garden drip watering system

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Home made garden drip watering system

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Home made garden drip watering system

As a large quantity of 15mm PEX barrier pipe became freely available, I thought I would use it to create a large-scale irrigation drip system for our gardens and bungalow.

Commercial watering systems rely on 6mm black plastic pipe to carry the water to sprinklers or drip irrigation waterers. The problem with using these on a large scale is that at the end of a long run of ten or more sprinklers there is not enough pressure to activate them properly. The same occurs when you branch the 6mm pipe with T adaptors, low pressure. There is also normally a maximum of five 6mm connection points on the manifold that connects to the 13mm timed water outlet. I've solved this problem by drilling directly into the 15mm PEX barrier pipe at intervals, inserting the 6mm pipe and glueing with Gripfill adhesive.

Components used

I've used a variety of items in creating this system and listed them all here; not all of the parts below have been used on the systems I have built, and not all may be required for your system but I've shown them here for completeness.

all items sourced from Amazon UK unless otherwise stated