IMac 27 screen burn

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IMac 27 screen burn

Screen burn-in on a monochrome CRT monitor

I recently disabled the screen-saver on my iMac 27" computer because I wanted to run monitor a security camera for an extended period of time. When used the computer later in the day i was shocked to see that the image the camera had been displaying could still be seen even with a completely blank screen. Having the knowledge of a TV engineer in a past life, this was terrifying. Screen burn-in on a phosphorous cathode ray tube (CRT) used to be permanent and as you can see from the rather old photo, it would render the screen unusable.

On the Macintosh 27" I could even see the horizontal bar pattern that make up the display array. Here's me thinking that I have destroyed my monitor. We'll if your Googling this for the same reason. Take heart. On Plasma and LCD screens this phenomenon is known as transient image persistence and is not permanent.

After a few hours the effect has completely disappeared!

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