INLIFE robotic vacuum cleaner

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INLIFE robotic vacuum cleaner

View of the high-quality internals
This is what you get for £189.99
Docking station included
Some of the parts I've had to replace during 7 years of owning a Roomba iRobot

Owning a Roomba iRobot id expensive

We have owned an iRobot automatic vacuum cleaning robot for more than seven years now. In a past life I was an electrical engineer so repairing it has always been easy, but very costly. I've changed the battery twice, the main brush assembly twice, numerous side-sweeping and even manufactured replacement parts but eventually it was time to replace it.

Time for a replacement iRobot

The cost of a replacement Roomba iRobot is now astronomical and bearing in mind its poor quality construction and the flimsiness of the components I'm afraid I could not justify spending £500 + on a replacement. So, Google time!

INLIFE Robotic cleaner looked good

After lots of research I decided upon the INLIFE Robotic Vacuum Cleaner. Its construction looked very similar to the original iRobot with some extra features not on the original Roomba. It has two three-fingered side brushes, one either side. It has a mop feature that can also be used wet. The removable components can be washed. Lots of the iRobot lookalikes need to manually plugged into a power supply every time it finishes cleaning. Really? What is the point of an automatic vacuum cleaner that needs to be put away after each use? The INLIFE cleaner has a docking station that it returns to after each cleaning cycle. it also has a remote control and a remote barrier unit that stops the robot from entering an area and best of all, the reviews were good.

I now own an INLIFE robotic cleaner

My first impressions were very good. The cleaner is well packaged and very well constructed. Far better quality manufacturing than the original Roomba iRobot. Its easy to dismantle and the parts fit together with nice satisfying clicks. The manual is easy to understand and well written. Mind you, the function are so simple, there is hardly a need for the manual.

Key features

  • Battery life more than 80 minutes. (Untested by me.)
  • Twin rotating side brushes.
  • Cleaning cycle time adjustable from 10 minutes to 80 minutes in 10 minute steps.
  • Remote control (Very handy for retrieving a lost robot from somewhere under the sofa.)
  • Remote wall device to keep the INLIFE robot out of an area. (Though a cleverly placed rubbish bin works just as well in most instances.)
  • Washable spare parts.
  • Nylon dust hepa filters that are far easier to clean than Roomba's filters. Also being nylon, they dry very quickly.
  • Main drum brush metal construction so much stronger than iRobot's plastic brushes.
  • Water tank for wet washing with mop. (Unused by me. We only use the vacuum function.)
  • At £189.99 it's less than half the price of a Roomba iRobot.

I'm impressed

As you can see, I am very impressed with my purchase. I have nothing at all to do with Inlife. I've just created this article because I was impressed with the product and thought it might help others who like me were looking for a good (and affordable) Roomba iRobot replacement.

Small problem

The only feature that didn't seem to work very well was the cliff sensor. It seemed to be quite happy to launch itself down the stairs! However, that's not a feature I use but it might be important to you.

INLIFE marketing material

  • Vacuum and Mopping: Strong suction power vacuum cleaner with dual side brushes ideals for picking up hairs, dirt, and debris from floors, wall and corners. Mopping with wet or dry to clean the paw prints, mess and besmirch, all in one robotic vacuum cleaner provide deep cleaning for your home.
  • Smart Vacuum Cleaner: Automatically recharging when power runs out. Drop-sensing and anti-bump technology help clean home more safely and effectively. Virtual blocker confined vacuum in certain cleaning areas and 5 cleaning modes can be chosen to help clean home more thoroughly and interestingly.
  • Easy Operation: Touching the display screen on vacuum cleaner or pressing remote control to direct vacuum cleaner movement at home, so you can start, stop, change the cleaning model through the tele controller whenever you want, convenient, practical and time-saving.
  • Multi-floor Surface Cleaning: Ideal for hardwood, linoleum, tile, laminate floors and low/hard Carpet Floors (not designed for thick or shag carpets) cleaning and sanitation.
  • Low-profile Design: This vacuum cleaner can help clean underneath furniture beds, sofa and other hard to reach areas where dirt hides. Giving you a clean and comfortable home at all times and places