ITunes - Cannot update iTunes No Updates Available

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iTunes - Cannot update iTunes No Updates Available

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Every time I use iTunes I get a Pop-up requester telling me that It cannot connect to my iPhone, a newer version is available, would I like to download it now.

When I check my version of iTunes against the currently available version they are different, yet when click on 'Updates' on the App Store, after a few minutes I'm told no updates are available! I treid 8 times over the period of as many days and got the same response.

I actually don't care if my version of iTunes is out of date, all I want to do is to stop the annoying pop-up every time I use my iMac PC.


In the end I just Googled iTunes update, which took me to the link below:

From there I just selected 'Download the latest version', which downloaded a new version of iTunes and stopped the annoying pop-up. I didn't lose any of my music (I selected the default download location) n update is required