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Very Short battery life - Apple iMac keyboard

Apple Mac OSX Bluetooth wireless keyboard

I've had this problem a few times now; the battery life on my iMac Bluetooth wireless keyboard suddenly drops from weeks to less than 1 day before the batteries are completely flat.

The keyboard works perfectly, it's just that in less than a day the system is showing the Low Battery warning. When checked, these batteries are empty. The keyboard works fine when the batteries are replaced, but the batteries only last a day or so.

I'm not sure exactly what causes this, though it may be related to the fact that I also have an iMac lap-top computer so it may be related to the keyboard constantly trying to pair to another device when the two are close together. Whatever the cause, the solution is simple:

  • Remove the flat batteries
  • Select Bluetooth preferences from System Preferences, or from the Bluetooth icon, top nav
  • Select your keyboard and click the delete X' for your keyboard
  • Click Remove Keyboard
  • Pop some new batteries in the keyboard and press and hold the power button on the keyboard for a second or so.
  • When the Mac PC discovers your keyboard, complete the pairing process by entering the number shown on the screen into your keyboard.
  • Your keyboard battery life should now be normal.