Logitech Driving Force Pro brake always slightly on

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Logitech Driving Force Pro brake always slightly on

My Driving Force Pro home setup
The simplest of repairs!

I recently swapped my new Playstation 4 for my old Playstation 3 so I could use all of my driving games and Logitech controller again. See Why you should not buy a Playstation 4 (PS4) for detailed reasons.

I had to start from scratch, passing all of my licences again. The last time I did this, many years ago, I flew through the licence stage. This time I struggled to even achieve bronze passes! When I attempted to pass the Daytona Speedway A spec licence test, the car actually slowed to a halt.

I then realised that the brake pedal was slightly on, all of the time. At this explained why I had been having so many problems!

I decided to dismantle the pedal to service it. Do not do this. You may never be able to reassemble it again!. I cleaned all of the fluff and rubbish out of the pedal assembly and squirted the potentiometers with WD40 (great as a kill or cure volume control / switch cleaner). I managed to reassemble it with great difficulty. Only succeeding by building a temporary jig with G-clamps.

After all of this work, the problem still remained. The cause was the return spring, which must have weakened over time so the weight of the pedal was holding the brake slightly on. I did not notice this when I had it apart and because of the difficulty in putting it back together, I was not going to strip it down again.

The solution for rubbing brakes

In the end, the solution was simple. I just cut a square of sponge foam and placed it under the pedal to hold it up. This still allowed full braking action, without allowing the brakes to 'bind' all of the time.