Mac OSX El Capitan USB Wireless network adaptor driver

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Mac OSX El Capitan USB Wireless network adaptor driver

802.IIN USB wireless network adaptor

I've been searching for ages for an external wifi adaptor for my Apple Mac Laptop and until now have not had much luck. I have found Wireless Adaptors that are supposed to work with the Apple software, but the drivers (supplied on a CD!!!!) only went up to Mountain Lion versions. I needed one with a driver for El Capitan. I guess most people would need that or Yosemite. I returned a Wireless 300Mbps 802.11n/g/b USB WIFI LAN Network Card Adapter with Antenna because I could not find the correct driver.

As a replacement I ordered Edimax EW-7612UAN(V2) - N300 Wifi USB Adptr + Antenna that appeared to be identical to the device I returned. However, I found a link to the Edmax website and they had the exact driver I needed for EW-7612UAN to work with Mac OSX El Capitan. The driver installed perfectly and I now have a USB wireless adaptor that means when coupled with an extension WiFi arial I can pick up very weak WiFi signals.

This device is almost essential Ideal for camping and caravanning where most routers are a long way from your tent or caravan. .