MediaWiki only searches page titles

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MediaWiki only searches page titles

If you find that your MediaWiki search only find matches in page titles but not in page content, it's probably because the Wiki is not being indexed.

On one of my Wiki's I discovered that $wgJobRunRate was set to zero which meant none of the tasks in the job queue ever ran.

This can be rectified by setting $wgJobRunRate to a positive number, but before you do that, I would suggest running job tasks manually: php /path-to-my-wiki/maintenance$ php ./runJobs.php or even /bin/nice /path-to-my-wiki/maintenance$ php ./runJobs.php This may take a few hours if it has never run before.

Setting $wgJobRunRate = 1; means that one task will be run every time a page is visited.

If this puts too much load on your Wiki, reduce the task rate to 1 task every 10 visits by $wgJobRunRate = 0.01;

If you want to run tasks manually at a time when visitors are infrequent (daily at midnight) set $wgJobRunRate = 0; and run the jobs using cron:

0 0 * * * /usr/bin/php /var/www/wiki/maintenance/runJobs.php > /var/log/runJobs.log 2>&1