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A collection of videos made with a Canon EOS 80D and the TARION TR-V2 Universal LCD Display View Finder. I have created a short Wiki article on how they can be easily combined.

Military aircraft videos

KC10A Extender Landing @ Mildenhall [A10 Tabor flight support] [HD]

KC10A Landing Runway 29 80-0034 Clean 91 refuller supporting 12 Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt 2 jets flight Tabor from Bangor to Mildenhall 15th July 2017

A-10 Tabor 41-46 Landing Mildenhall Runway 29 [HD]

6 of the 12 Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt 2 jets landing runway 29, Mildenhall 15th July 2017 Tabor 41-46 (Serials landing order: 80-188, 78-616, 78-621, 78-644, 78-646, 79-189)

White Nato AWACS touch'n go landing Mildenhall [HD]

The beautiful white Nato AWACS doing a smoky touch and go. Nato AWACS LX N90454 Boeing E 3A Sentry 707 320B

KC 135R Stratotanker 61-0267 Touch'n go [HD

Boeing KC135 Extender (Refueller) doing options landing on Mildenhall's runway 29 showing probe-and-drogue system in detail

Cookery videos

Home-made pasta dough, made the easy way [HD]

How to make pasta dough the easy way with just flour, 3 eggs and a food mixer.

Detailed recipe here (Wiki)

Crab, prawn, dill with pasta in a cream sauce [HD]

A simple recipe using just pasta, crab, crème fraîche, dill and prawns

Detailed recipe here (Wiki)

Chilli Dog Frito Pie [HD]

Hot dogs, tortilla chips, #cheese and tomato - Kinda like pizza! Makes a great caravan / motorhome meal.

Detailed reciep here (Wiki)

Garlic Hummus Recipe [HD]

Make garlic hummus at home, it's easy with this 1 minute video.

Detailed recipe here (Wiki)

Action Coconut Scraper Demo [HD]

Make grated coconut in seconds with this brilliant gadget. Less than £10 !!!

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Technical stuff

Remove pointless holiday popups from your iMac Calendar [HD]

Annoyed by countless pointless holiday reminders popping up on your Mac - getting rid of them is easy..

Google Street View's Time Machine [HD]

Use Google Maps to view Google Street View's historical video footage. Most archives go back to 2006!

Detailed instructions (Wiki)

GS1200 Misfire, poor tickover rough running [HD]

I solved a long running tickover problem in 10 seconds, just by resetting the T.P.S. (Throttle Position Sensor). Here's how easy it is. BMW Twin GS1200

Detailed instructions (Wiki)

Camping and motorhomes

Osier Farm Caravan & Motorhome site, nr Gt Yarmouth, Norfolk [HD]

A quiet rural campsite for motorhomes and caravans on a working farm in Mautby, rural Norfolk near Great Yarmouth. No dogs or children.

More information (Wiki)