Online QR Bar Code Generator

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Online QR Bar Code Generator

This barcode is the Quick Response Code for this web page. Scan it with your phone and it will take you to this page!

I needed to create some QR Codes (Quick Response Barcodes) for a project of mine and very quickly became frustrated with the current online offerings available. Some were confusing and difficult to use and most of them had limited functionality unless you registered with them. Some even wanted my precious email address! Being a programmer, I thought I would create my own QR Code Generator.

I created a simple list of goals..

  • The website should be uncluttered and minimalist.
  • It must be simple to use.
  • The utility must be able to quickly create a QR Code of any size.
  • The app should function perfectly on all platforms; mobile, desktop, ipad, laptop etc.
  • The created QR Barcode must be available instantly.
  • No limit should be placed on the number of QR Codes created by one visitor.
  • There should be a short help section, a concise description of what a QR code is and a list of useful links including free QR Code scanners for a range of devices.
  • No registration should be required and the visitor should not be forced to leave an email address, etc.
  • It should be free to use for everyone, running costs to be covered by minimal advertising.

..and the end result was:

It is functioning in its beta stage at the moment. Please feel free to use it. Do contact me using the 'Contact the Editor' link below should you encounter any difficulties.

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