Raspberry Pi Slice On - Off switch

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Raspberry Pi Slice On - Off switch

Now it's easy to turn my Raspberry Pi Slice on and off

The Five Ninjas Raspberry Pi Slice is a great device, but because the Kodi software frequently crashes you'll find yourself forever power-cycling it. Either by unplugging the PSA from the mains or by unplugging the power from the read of the Slice module. The chances of damaging the power socket inside the Slice is very high so I would recommend sonding a few quid and putting an in-line switch in series with the power cord. The switch shown is only £3.49 from Amazon UK and includes delivery. It matches nicely and is easy to fit - it is a single pole / single throw switch and can be connected by screw terminals or can be soldered directly.

Now it's easy to recover from the frequent crashes!

No more having to unplug the Pi everytime it crashes