Raspberry pi Slice - Copying files from a PC

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Raspberry pi Slice - Copying files from an Apple PC

You must connect it to your computer as a USB hard drive, not as a computer!

As a new owner of a Raspberry Pi Slice I am discovering that the documentation, such as it is, is pretty sparse, to say the least. I thought I would document some of the important basics here for the benefit of others.

Copying music, video or pictures to your Raspberry Pi Slice

By far the quickest way to copy your precious mp3, jpg, fmv, mpeg, wmv & mov files from your PC to your Pi Slice is simply to connect the Pi device directly to your PC with a USB cable as you would an extension USB device.

To do this the Raspberry Pi Slice must be shutdown and the power cable disconnected. If you try to do this with the Pi Slice switched on, you will wait forever and nothing will happen. The reason is because when the Pi Slice is powered up and running as a computer it will not be seen as a USB device by your source computer [Apple Mac, Windows PC, etc].

When connected as a plain USB drive copying files is the same process as you would normally follow by dragging and dropping files on your source computer.

Connect directly, not via a USB hub

For your Raspberry Pi Slice to run as a plain USB device the Pi device needs to obtain power directly from the source device [your Apple or Windows PC]. USB hub devices or USB expanders often don't have enough power to run the internal hard drive in the Pi so ensure you connect the Pi Slice directly to your PC, ideally with the dual Y USB cable provided or you might not be able to mount the USB drive.

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