Raspberry pi Slice - Problem USB ticks

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Raspberry pi Slice - Problem USB ticks

Pi Slice USB 'Y' Cable

I can't believe I was caught out by this - shows how bad my memory is getting.

The problem was when I wanted to update my music and picture files on my Raspberry Pi Slice HDU. To copy files you must connect via USB only - see here for more details: Raspberry pi Slice - Copying files from a PC

I connected the Pi SLice to my iMac and the HDU would not mount. It just sat there ticking - obviously not enough power to spin up the disk drive.

I could stop the ticking by temporarily connecting the normal PSU to the Slice, but the drive would still not mount and could not be seen via my iMac's Finder window.

It was only when I was updating the software to the latest nightly build that I spotted the image of the dual USB cable! Doh! I had forgotten all about that. The Slice is provided with a USB Y cable so it can provide extra power to the USB drive.

A quick search through all my cupboards and I eventually located the USB Y cable. I connected the Slice to my iMac PC with only the USB Y cable (provided with the original Slice) and all was well again.

I could not see a replacement listed on the Five Ninjas website but I expect these are commonly available.