Remove annoying Apple Watch Icon from your iPhone

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Remove the annoying Apple Watch Icon from your iPhone

Create a junk folder and put all the annoying Apple-crap in it

Apple products are great, but they often force you to have annoying features, especially if they think they can use them as Apple marketing tools. he iPhone is one of the worst examples of this. Press and hold the home button and the icons wobble, and those that Apple don't make money on have an X to enable you to delete them. Icons that are required for Apple Marketing cannot be deleted. Until they come to their senses (unlikely), this is the best way to delete them.

How to create a junk folder to store your Apple-crap

  • Press and hold The Apple Watch icon and drag it over any other unwanted icon to create a folder
  • You have now created a folder to put your unwanted Apple-icons in
  • Hold your finger over the Folder title (probably Utilities) to rename it.