Replacement for Stanley Commercial Coffee Flask

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Replacement for Stanley Commercial Insulated Thermos Coffee Flask

Stanley Commercial Insulated Coffee Flask

During a recent stay in hospital I was very impressed with the Stanley Commercial Insulated Coffee flask that was used to provide iced water and keep it ice cold all night long. It also has neat valve to release the stored liquid without having to unscrew anything.

So impressed indeed, that I attempted to source an original via the Internet. After much searching, I found a number of similar devices but they were either; extremely expensive, no longer available or in ridiculous sizes (3 to 5 litres). I plan to use mine in the office to supply plentiful iced water or steaming hot coffee so ideally I need one for each so the coffee does not taint the fresh water. My needs are: small and cheap!

ASDA to the rescue!

ASDA 1.5 litre stainless steel insulated coffee flask: £12.00 [March 2014]

They offer a 1.5 litre insulated flask for £12.00 (free in store collection)