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Slade Green, Kent, UK

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Low frequency booming hum, every morning

What is this booming hum?

I'm woken every morning around 3 to 4 by a very low frequency hum, about 37 hertz. As a past electronics engineer, I recognise it as being a little little lower than mains hum and have since confirmed this by comparing with an on-line tone generator. It is plainly amplified by the resonance of certain rooms in our house, some far worse than others. For me it is especially bad when my head is on the pillow. It starts most mornings around 3:30 to 4 am and seems to continue until 7 or 8 am. From my records, it is present 7 days a week. It wakes me most morning around 4 am and then keeps me awake yet my partner cannot hear anything.

Not proven yet, but I learned that no trains run on Christmas day, and from my Notes, Christmas day is the only time there was no buzz, so I wonder if it might be coming from the railway depot?

It's happened before

We've lived in Slade Green for more than 35 years and this is not the first time we've suffered this problem. I remember it happening around Christmas time, maybe 7 to 10 years ago. At the time Boots plc had a large distribution depot at the end of the road and then I put the noise down to lorries with their engines running while in the loading bays. However, that has now been demolished and from a look on Google Earth and plenty of nosing about, I can't see other large distribution depots. My money is on a large engine as they are know to create a sub-sonic that can carry long distances. The noise also disappears momentarily when buses drive past. I did wonder if the hum was being cancelled out by their engines?

Other possible causes?

  • Slade green railway depot
  • Vehicles
  • Buses at the Slade Railway Station Terminus with their engines left running.
  • Factory machinery
  • Large pumping equipment
  • Large air extraction / filtration system

Contact Bexley Environmental Health Department

Bexley Environmental Health have been good in the past when dealing with noise nuisances, so perhaps they are the people to contact if you too are constantly woken by this noise.