What's better than a Dyson handheld vacuum cleaner (hoover)

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Economical and reliable replacement for Dyson hand-held vacuum

Black & Decker Pivot Dustbuster Handheld Vacuum Cleaner - 18 Volt

We have had two Dyson handheld vacuum cleaners in the last 5 years at a total cost of more than £400 (including replacement parts).

Unfortunately the Dyson is famously unreliable, under specified and massively over-priced. You can now pay more than £350 for the latest handheld vacuum. That's crazy!

Our first Dyson handheld vacuum came with a neat docking station that also recharged the unit. When we had to buy a replacement, that came without any docking station and required a lead to be plugged in to recharge. I've only just discovered that the docking station for the DC44 was an optional extra!

After much research I discovered the Black & Decker Pivot Dustbuster Handheld Vacuum Cleaner - 18 Volt, and decided to try that as a replacement. It comes with a snazzy docking station, is definitely better that the previous two Dysons when it comes to performance and costs less than £60 - we could have bought more than six of these for the cost of buying and maintaining the two Dysons.


  • 200 degree pivoting nose allows access to hard to reach areas
  • Cyclonic action spins the dust away from the filter to improve suction
  • 18 volt power delivers maximum suction power and performance
  • Smaller, quieter and easier to clean than original Dustbuster Pivot
  • Translucent, bagless dirt bowl is easy to empty and clean

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