Yellowstone Castleton heavyweight steel camping chair

From miscellus

Product review

Note the shape of the tubing
Rear view showing support stays

Having recently broken 3 aluminium lightweight camping chairs while using them to play Grand Turismo 5 (GT5) with my homemade Playstation steering wheel mount, I thought it was time to invest in a strong steel chair which would not break so easily. The arms snapped off the alloy chairs just by pushing down on them to get out of the chair.

I have just received the Yellowstone chair and I am totally confident it will not break. It is of steel construction with oval steel tubing oriented in such a way as to reinforce the framework in the direction of stress. It also has bracing struts and by its weight and persona, you can tell that it is up to the task. It is heavy, but it is also strong. It advertises that it will support weights of 300lbs / 135kgs and comes complete with a shoulder-strap carry-bag.

A fantastically strong heavyweight portable chair.