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What is this crazy site all about?

The name?

Firstly, I the site name was memorable, fun and more importantly, available.

Because I can

Having run a large cookery wiki for many years, the technical side holds very few secrets so it's not technically difficult for me to do.

Give credit where it's due

This is a personal platform, almost like a blog, where I can recommend or thank people, products or ideas that have proved invaluable to me over time.

No commercial affiliation

Although we carry advertising, we have absolutely no commercial affiliation so you can be sure that if we say something is good, it's because it is, not because we're getting back-handers.

Google Adwords

Hopefully we can make a few pennies from the banner advertising.

Talk to us

If you think we're doing anything wrong or you can think of a way we could improve, use the contact the editor link above. I will personally respond to every email.

--JerryP (talk) 19:11, 27 September 2013 (BST)